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Brilliant bunting

Don't you just love bunting?

Guaranteed to brighten up any event - whether you're having a garden party, planning a wedding, going retro, need rip stop and sturdy to cope with the weather, shabby chic or glamping - you design to your style and we'll make it for you.     

We make a variety of bunting and print logos to fabric for our clients at a very reasonable cost.  Because we design and print in house, we can make to short order or capacity to any design.  Logo on white is the best format so that colours show up brightly - remember its difficult to print light colours onto a dark background and in any case bunting is usually a light hearted affair - too dark and it will look gloomy.
  Pretty custom bunting by Red Dragon Flagmakers   Custom Bunting Custom Bunting Ironmongery 

We print on single layer, print through with mirror image on reverse and hem the edges.  The standard fabric is strong knit polyester (see images below) with open weave - the same fabric we use for our quality printed flags (so you know its durable).  The price includes the cost of this fabric but if you would like a natural fabric (cotton etc) then there will be an additional cost (quotable on a job by job basis).

We sew the pennants into a strong nylon 'apron tape' and leave a generous 50cm at each end with which to tie off.

Pennant shaped, rectangular, any shape really, and we do have bunting in stock (see below), so please do take a look and if you can't see what you want, please get in touch. 

Bunting shapes and sizes Red Dragon Flagmakers
Orange and Blue Bunting Example
Custom Bunting Example

Bunting galore - you design, we make.

There are so many bunting options to choose from and while we show the generic lengths with pennant numbers and price for those lengths, we often quote on larger quantities with longer lengths and varying pennant shapes and sizes.  

We have a template to send you if you'd like to upload the artwork yourself or we can do this for you, but the file must be vectorised and high res to ensure the image is as crisp and as clear as possible (see our artwork guidelines for all print artwork HERE).

The file will look something like the following by the time we go to print and its important to forget that when a pennant is to be hemmed, there must be a hem allowance of at least 6cm to each side to allow for rollover and stitch.

Patent seekers bunting template Red Dragon Flagmakers

Custom printed bunting

Thank you for getting good the bunting out to my brother and his wife today. They are delighted as am I. They forwarded a photo to me and I'm really pleased with the results. I have a couple of family celebrations coming up next and will definitely be in touch for more bunting. Thank you again! Karyn A

We print your logo or image and colours to strong knit polyester pennants (single layer, print through, mirror image on reverse).

What's this all going to cost?

Prices start at £49 for an eight metre custom printed unhemmed length of bunting.  Printed bunting is made with single layer fabric, printed through with a mirror image in the reverse.  Don't worry if you have text on your artwork, having a mirror image reading backwards on the reverse is perfectly acceptable but if you do want the detail reading left to right on both sides then the price is twice the single layer plus 20% for the interlining needed to minimise the shadow effect on light colours.

Pennants are sized at 9x12" (but you can have any size or shape you like), hemmed and spaced / sewn on to a strong nylon tape with a generous length at each end of the strip of bunting to tie off.  There are c.21 pennants on an eight metre length and we have lots of various colours of tape and ribbon to choose from if you don't want the black white or cream colours we offer as standard.

If you'd like your bunting hemmed, there is 20% add on cost to the base cost of the bunting length and we do offer discounts on bulk orders requiring over 50 metres in total.

Remember artwork is free and you can have as little or as much detail on the pennants as you like with no change to the cost - its all included.

Unhemmed bunting

Unhemmed bunting

Unhemmed Bunting

Fully hemmed bunting

Fully Hemmed Bunting

What does 'single layer print through' look like?

Single layer see through bunting

Single Layer See Through bunting

Custom cotton SEWN bunting

Custom Cotton Sewn Bunting

The picture above shows sewn double sided custom bunting made to order for Parcelforce UK and pictures below show assorted bunting made by us and being put to great use!

Remember we can make sewn bunting out of any fabric.  If the fabric is double sided then you only need one layer of fabric per pennants.  If the fabric is only printed on one side, then you'll need a bagged pennant which is two pieces of fabric sewn together back to back

Ripstop bunting

We also make strong rip stop bunting in (most of) the colours of the rainbow and ideal for outdoor use. Click HERE to see the colours available.  Prices for this start from £36 for 1x 8m length and from £20 plus vat per 8m length for 50m plus. 


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