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Artwork guidelines

The tech spiel....

To be able to print an image to fabric, it must have a high resolution and be clear to view no matter how large the image is expanded up to without pixelating.  

Pixelation is when an image breaks up into miniscule squares and in layman terms this can be explained by saying that most modern pc/mac monitors have a resolution of about 100 dots per inch, and at 300 dots per inch printed documents have about nine times as many pixels per unit of area as a screen.

Usually high res images are vectorised as this is the best format to translate to print and minimises the risk of pixelation, and so the break down of the clear resolution doesn't show up in the end image.

When it comes down to it - if you have an image that you'd like printed to fabric whether as a flag or bunting or tablecloth, we are able to work on it to make it viable to print - we can at least try! 

So for instance on the left below you will see a low resolution image which is almost pop art and cartoon like in appearance and this would not translate well to fabric.  On the right is the same image redrawn and vectorised - and you will see is a much clearer and crisper and fit for purpose image to print.

Pixelated crest Red Dragon Flagmakers Vectorised image Red Dragon Flagmakers

Artwork service

You have several options to consider when it comes to artwork.

  • Supply artwork to us in high res vectorised format as a PDF and we'll scale it to size on a blank flag canvas to fit your requirements - up to 3x amendments FREE of charge.  If you only have a file in JPEG format please make sure it is 300dpi at quarter size and ideally over 12MG.
  • A new design? Send us your ideas, any images and text or photos and we'll mock up your design, then redraw, vectorise and make it fit for purpose - we charge £30 plus vat to do this - and you keep the artwork for future use - 1x amendment to the image after redraw/vectorisation included in the price.
  • If you want a flag with just text on it, we won't charge for the artwork and if you have a specific font or typeface and the colours required (pantone references/hex numbers required - click HERE for more information), send them over to us at the outset and we will include them in the design - up to 3x amendments FREE of charge.

We will always keep you in the loop on the artwork, we email you a watermarked draft for review and amendment as many times as it takes (remember to keep within the cost parameters if you need to keep an eye on cost) until you're satisfied and then we're all set to go to payment and production. 

Remember to be as descriptive as you can with what you need and we'll do the rest... perhaps use the following list to cut and paste to the email you're sending us if that helps:

  • Size of flag (ie 5x3ft)
  • Single layer (mirror image on reverse) or double layer (two printed layers sewn back to back with an interlining to minimise shadowing)
  • Printed flag or traditional sewn flag? Full or half/half (half/half is when we print 2x badges to taffeta and applique them back to back on a fully sewn base)
  • When you need the flag for, and 
  • the address for invoice and delivery.

We will send you a no obligation quote for you to review.  Please let us know if you decide not to proceed so we don't bother you with a reminder after the first two emails asking if our quote is of interest.

Where to send your artwork

Any and all artwork can be shared with us via dropbox (for larger files), using the form below or by emailing the files to us direct at


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