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Half print half stitched

Half and half is our alternative to a flag with fully stitched and appliqued detail

This technique involves printing two vectorised panels to cotton, then matching them back and front of a ground fabric and over stitching some of the internal and all of the external detail lines. 

This is a great halfway option between fully printed and fully stitched and depending on the detail involved may make a flag lighter to fly than a fully stitched version. 

We automatically revert to this method when making any flag where a fully stitched flag, in this case the generic Yorkshire Rose, would be cost prohibitive for the client.

print and overstitch technique on flags, panels and curtains, half and half, flag studio

We also print to single panels and stitch to a fabric ground for attachment to larger banners, apparel or curtains.

print and overstitch of yorkshire rose flag, half and half, flag studio

What does the back of the flag look like?

If for instance the image (badge) on the front is a circle then the back of the flag is also a circle and we can reverse the image for the back of the flag so it reads left to right on both sides. 

Here we show a flag comprising a MOD spec woven polyester ground (base) with printed cotton twill badge (the image on the back of the flag would be left to right facing as the detail is within a circle).

Half and half applique method by Red Dragon Flagmakers

If however the image (badge) requires appliqueing as tightly as possible to the detail of the print then the reverse will be a mirror image which allows us to stitch the curves and bends in the detail without changing the intrinsic detail of either side of the flag. 

MOD spec woven polyester ground with printed knit polyester badge (the image on the back of the black would be in reverse)

Half and half badge option for flags by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Then there is our half and half plus overstitch technique. 

The following shows a printed cotton drill ground (base) which has then been sympathetically overlaid and appliqued with a combination of taffeta, satin and polycotton fabrics.  This creates a more 3D effect and because of the layering of the fabrics is stronger than a single layer of fabric.

We designed this panel for a client who wanted a unique design to replace the back panel of a vintage leather jacket. The panel is one sided.

Half and half and overstitch technique by Flag Studio
Half printed, half atitched jacket panel Flag Studio

Where a flag or panel is required to be double sided with different designs on each side, we're careful to advise against creating anything that may be too heavy to fly.

The following example is of a pair of 12x18 inch replica military pennants with printed taffeta 'badges' appliqued to a stitched ground and sewn back to back. The image shows back and front of the pair.  It should be noted that this would be tricky to achieve on a flag smaller than 12x18 inches if the detail is complex but we're always happy to discuss client requirements to find the best solution. 

Polish armoured military division replicae pennant burgees, half stitched half printed by Flag Studio

Polish armoured military division replicae pennant burgees, half stitched half printed by Flag Studio

The following shows overstitched detail on printed cotton drill fabric gonfalon banner.

half and half overstitched printed cotton drill fabric by Flag Studio

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