Keeping it eco friendly

As our products are made with fabrics, its super important that we ensure that when we pack and ship precious cargo to send to our clients, we ensure they are water tight and protected.

At the same time, we know that the packaging we use to ship our products has an impact on the environment so we genuinely try to do our bit by sourcing and using as much eco-friendly packaging as possible from UK based manufacturers.  We order in bulk to minimise how many deliveries we receive per year and we also re-use third party packaging products where appropriate.

We recycle cardboard boxes received from our suppliers - these are re-used wherever possible and after all it doesn't matter how pretty the packaging is, as long as the product inside exceeds your expectations!

When we dont have reusable boxes available, we do use new cardboard boxes which have been bought in as previously recycled from cardboard and paper waste to new.

Acetate pockets and 'green bin bags': these are starch based and biodegradable

Bubble wrap: In the rare event we use plastic bubble wrap to protect items during transit, what we use is recycled from incoming packages into our factory. This plastic packaging can be further re-used or it can be recycled by council recycling waste programs.

Your parcel will contain all or some of the above which all play a part in achieving our aim to make our policy of packaging as environmentally friendly as possible whilst ensuring you receive your parcel safely and securely.

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