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Sizes and measurements

Here we list a useful size chart for flags large and small.  

As a general guide

Flag for a boat? you should work on the ratio of an inch to each foot of the length of the boat

20ft flagpole? you will need a 2 yarder flag

the most commonly requested sizes we are asked to make are the 1 yarder, 5x3ft and 2 yarder options.

0.25 yard (12x9") 30x23cm
0.5 yard (18x12") 46x30cm
0.75 yard (27x16") 68x41cm
1 yard (36x18") 91x46cm
1.25 yard (45x22.5") 114x57cm
1.5 yard (54x27") 137x69cm
2 yard (72x36") 183x91cm
2.5 yard (90x45") 229x114cm
3 yard (108x54") 270x137cm
4 yard (144x72") 366x183cm
5 yard (180x90") 457x229cm
3x2ft (36x24") 91x62cm
4x3ft (48x36") 122x91cm
4x4ft (48x48") 122x122cm
5x3ft (60x36") 152x91cm
5x5ft (60x60") 152x152cm
6x3ft (72x36") 183x91cm
6x4ft (72x48") 183x122cm
8x5ft (96x60") 244x152cm
10x6ft (118x72") 304x183cm

11.5x7ft (138x84") 350x213cm



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