Flag restoration, repair and reproduction at Flag Studio

Flag restoration, repairs and reproduction

Repairing and restoring your flags are two slightly different methods of bringing your flag back to as near enough to its former glory as possible. Reproduction of the original flag is sometimes the only viable option.

Flag repairs

We offer a repair service to the flags you fly regularly which may need to be re-hemmed on the fly end, have a strip of anti-fray added to extend the lifetime of your flag in use or replace the canvas rope and toggle at the hoist.

For this service, please email us on flagstudiodesign@gmail.com with pictures of the damage, the size of your flag and a description of what you'd like us to do. 

We will then send you a no obligation quote for review and on acceptance ask you to send the flag to us by recorded delivery with reference to your enquiry and we will do the work and return it to you asap.  

Please note that where flags are faded and you would like us to extend for instance the fly end, we will only be able to do so with new fabric which hasn't faded, so there will be visible difference between old and new.

Patching is a way of repairing holes in your flag and whilst its not the most attractive repair job it does do a good job of temporarily strengthening and supporting the surrounding fabric and is usually barely visible when the flag is flying.

Flag patching repairs holes on a temporary basis by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Flag restoration

Here we show just a few examples of flags we have restored to as much of their former glory as possible without diminishing their originality.

Click HERE to read up a special blog (also accessible from the HOME page of our website) on the restoration of a WWII Japan flag.

The regiment of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

Northumberland Fusiliers repair and restoration by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Royal Northumberlands Flag Repair


Mason gonfalon banner, New Zealand

A client from New Zealand sent us their beloved Lodge gonfalon banner for repairs. The remit was to use as much of the original as possible but to reproduce the banner so it would be fit for use for the next 100 or so years.

Below is a picture of the banner as we received it.  You'll see that the fabric ground and edges are very frayed and moth eaten and the item is stained and marked overall. 

Herbert Teagle Lodge Mason banner restoration by Red Dragon Flagmakers

We carefully traced the original for placement and removed each individual letter and element of the banner before re-stitching it by hand to a new ground, adding the original fringing.

Below is a picture of the restored banner.

I have received the banner and I must say that you have done an exceptional repair and I thank you very much. Ken ***, October 2020

Herbert Teagle Lodge banner restoration by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Herbert Teagle Lodge banner restoration by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Flag reproduction

Occasionally the wear and tear on a flag or banner is just too much to restore or repair so we offer a replacement service.  

In this instance, the Client sent us pictures of the old gonfalon banner and we redrew the artwork to size and format and reproduced it using a printed cotton lima fabric, which we then lined and added fringe to.

The first image is the picture we were supplied with and the second is the artwork we created using the original picture.

St John's gonfalon banner reproduction by Red Dragon Flagmakers
Water damage and reproduction of a Cadet ceremonial flag.
Reproduction of damaged colour run ceremonial flag by Flag Studio
and after....
Reproduction of Cadet Roebuck ceremonial flag by Flag Studio
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