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Printed COTTON flags

Printed cotton and linen flags and fabric

We print our cotton fabric flags using a variety of textiles on state-of-the-art textile print systems here in the UK.

We can help you choose the right fabric for your needs but here are some examples:

1.  Detail printed to 90gsm taffeta which is then appliqued to a stitched linen and MOD polyester combination flag:

Printed taffeta appliqued to linen and MOD polyester fabric by Red Dragon Flagmakers

2.  Detail printed to 213gsm cotton drill fabric

Printed cotton drill fabric by Red Dragon Flagmakers

3.  Detail printed to cotton drill after which the central badge is digitally embroidered in place.  The fabric was framed and presented as a commemorative piece.

Cotton drill fabric printed and them over embroidered.  Military, regimental by Red Dragon Flagmakers

Cotton is a great fabric for creating installations and for adding small amounts of detail.  Its a wonderful biodegradable protein based fabric for coffin covers and its full machine washable and lasts a long while.  However, it is not suitable for flags which fly - the gaps between the warp and weft of the cotton fabric is too tight and wont allow air flow through.

Things to consider when planning your printed cotton piece

* cotton is only printed to one side of the fabric.  The default colour of the fabric is white so when you're thinking of having cotton as an option for your purchase, remember that it will need to be either lined or printed twice so the back facing is the same as the front facing.

* Fabric is usually between 43 and 55 inches wide so please remember that if you order a flag wide than the fabric allows on the shortest side then your final piece will be stitched in strips and sewn as panels to the finished size.

* We make every size, every design, every shape and finish imaginable.  We don't have a 'production line' which makes every day different from the last and to the next and we rarely make the same thing twice in a week or a month, except for the ever popular Union and Welsh Dragon flags and other generic national flags of course!

* We have an art and design service which you may want to read about (see ARTWORK GUIDELINES in the footer of this website).

* There is no minimum order and we print every day.  We do our level best to get orders out in a matter of days. Please do tell us if your order is time critical and we will see what we can do to help.

Custom printed bagged cotton table flags for COP26

Custom printed double sided table flags made to order for COP26 2021 Glasgow

Economy (cheap) flags

We don't make or supply economy or cheap flags.   

We recommend CAUTION when purchasing off the shelf flags from an online retailer. Many flag retailers import their printed flags to sell on to the customer at a premium and invariably the fabric those flags are made of is the economy (cheap) sheet nylon and not treated as fire retardant. 

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