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Choosing between stitched and printed flags

The options

We're here to help and we try and make the process of making a flag for you as interesting and un-nerdy as possible.  We give no nonsense advice and no obligation quotes and we will do whatever we can to answer all your questions and help you realise your flag.

Prefer to skip to sending us your flag design and description? Please scroll to the bottom of this page, upload and submit. 

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Comparing stitched and printed format flags

Sometimes a printed flag can be more fit for purpose than a stitched flag.

The stitched flag format (please note other flagmakers describe this as 'hand sewn' implying a needle and thread process but in truth this means stitching pieces of fabric together using an industrial sewing machine) is the historically traditional way of producing a flag. We make our traditional stitched and appliqued flags using UK Ministry of Defence approved 155gsm woven flag material - a fabric that offers the best possible durability and the preferred option used by the British armed forces on land and at sea.

Choosing between stitch and print

We dye sublimate our printed flags using strong knit polyester flag fabric on state-of-the-art textile print systems here in the UK. This fabric has strength and durability is a knit format polyester (rather than woven as per the MOD woven polyester) and although more opaque in density is a great choice for clients looking for a good quality and great value for money flag.  Please note this is not the same fabric as used in 'economy flags', disposable flags, lightweight flimsy flags - which we don't make.

Each flag is finished with a strong off white canvas, sewn in halyard (rope) with a top loop and ash toggle and a tail of additional rope to tie to your flagpole halyard as standard (other options available). The three remaining sides of the flag are double hemmed for extra durability and triple hemmed on the fly end (antifray options also available).

Welsh Dragon printed flag sewn flag

The first step is to send us an image of the flag you'd like to have made - send this to please.  This can be a screengrab, a picture of a picture, a sketch - whatever you have which we will then import in digital format and draft it to the scale and format you require and return it back to you as a non vectorised draft format for review.

Whether you decide to go for a printed or stitched end product, we will need to have vectorised crystal clear artwork and if you dont already have this, we can create it for you - from £42per design (up to 3x drafts) - and you keep the digital file for future use across all media - so a great investment.

Things to consider when planning your printed flag

* the prices listed are for the print size of your flag, regardless of content - that means you can have as much or as little in the design as you want and the price stays the same

* the format of our printed flags is the standard single layer, print through, mirror image on reverse, fully hemmed with canvas rope and toggle sewn in ready to fly

* If you'd prefer a D ring or sewn eyelets supplied with your flag instead of the rope and toggle, please let us know when you place your order and we will adjust your order accordingly (no change in price.

* If you can't find the size of flag you're looking for on this list then please email or call us and we'd be happy to give you a no obligation quote. 

* Fabric is 1500mm wide so please remember that if you order a flag wider that 5ft or 1500m on the shortest side then your flag will be stitched in strips and sewn as panels to the finished size.

Printed flags

* We have big print format capacity so there's rarely a limit on the size of flag in print format.

* If you'd like an Inglefield clip or antifray sewn into your flag, please select these through the search bar and add a note at the checkout telling us that you'd like to have this done. The price to have these extra options will be included in your total at the checkout but if you forget to add them, please get in touch with us and we will send you a Paypal click to pay invoice to cover the balance.

* Bulk orders are discounted (price on application)

* Flags are finished with canvas rope and toggle as standard and supplied in this format unless otherwise requested at point of order.

* We make every size, every design, every shape and finish imaginable.  We don't have a 'production line' which makes every day different from the last and to the next and we rarely make the same thing twice in a week or a month, except for the ever popular Union and Welsh Dragon flags and other generic national flags of course!

* We have an art and design service which you may want to read about (see ARTWORK GUIDELINES in the footer of this website).

* And finally, the highlighted flag sizes and prices on our list are the most requested.

Fully printed flag in Antartica

The fabric we use is strong and durable and will last longer with use than the cheaper alternatives. Our flags are printed using the print sublimation technique - which means that the inks are pressed and melted into the fibres with a 98% reverse flag show through not printed to the surface and easily worn away.  During the design process we will send you a no obligation 14 days quote with all the suggested print and stitched and fabric type options for your consideration and then its up to you how we proceed.

Traditional stitched flags

When creating a stitched coat of arms flag for instance we ask you to consider a variety of textiles and textures to bring your investment piece to life.  This may include taffeta, linen, two tone fabrics, matt polycotton, MOD spec woven polyester and satin amongst others. There are many visual examples of the variety of combinations we use throughout our website.

To create a fully stitched and appliqued flag, we follow a traditional process of projecting the image to scale onto a purpose built and finished studio wall which we then tracing to paper.  We take the given choice of fabrics, trace each detail to each piece of fabric and layer and pin them each on the front and back of the flag ground in reverse order.  We then applique the design in close zigzag stitch and trim each element as we go to reveal the finished image.  

Please note that the more complicated of designs cannot sometimes successfully be translated to stitch on very small flags such as burgees and pennants.  We will always advise on which format - print or stitch - will give the best end result for your flag.

Stitched flag

Part of the process of digitising a flag design is to remove very small detail which is not transferable to stitched format. There always has to be space around each layer of stitching to be able to trim back and reveal the detail.

Once the design has been fully stitched and trimmed, we cut the ground to size, fully hem it and then finish with canvas rope and toggle as standard or other pre-agreed format.

Trimming a stitched flag
Stitched ceremonial flag with gold bullion fringe

 Cosmic colliery artwork

Cosmic Colliery Hefin Jones

Embroidered flags

Its important to remember that traditional stitched and appliqued flags are not the same as digitally embroidered.

Embroidered flags can only be made in a front facing / one side format (See example below) and is a service we offer but absolutely not the same as a fully stitched and applique flags. Embroidered designs are generally more suitable for clothing and framed items. Click HERE to go to our EMBROIDERED flag link.

Embroidered flag example

There is no minimum order and we print every day.  We do our level best to get orders out in a matter of days. Please do tell us if your order is time critical and we will see what we can do to help. 

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