Flag finish: canvas rope and toggle, Inglefield clips, Drings - see the options – Flag Studio

Flag finish

Sometimes we refer to the way your flag will be finished. 

This little list may help you understand what we mean. 

Canvas sleeve for flexi extendable pole with closed or open top.

Canvas sleeve

(see background flags on poles below) or with a sewn eyelet top and bottom (see foreground flags on poles below).

Flexipole flags

Stitched eyelets

We prefer to sew eyelets into the canvas of flags rather than insert 'brass' eyelets which can rust, bleed and weaken the fabric. Stitched eyelets are also more discreet. 

Examples of buttonholes used on flag canvas finish by Flag Studio

Coffin drape weights

Coffin drape weights

Coffin drape weights

Canvas rope and toggle


D ring

Flag finish - D ring
D ring attachment to flag canvas or corners

Inglefield and carabiner / swivel clips

Inglefield brass and silver carabiner swivel clips for flags by Flag Studio
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