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Royal Air Force (UK)

The Royal Air Force Ensign is the official flag which is used to represent the Royal Air Force. The ensign has a field of air force blue with the United Kingdom's flag in the canton and the Royal Air Force's roundel in the middle of the fly.

The RAF Ensign was introduced in 1921 after some opposition from senior members of the Royal Navy. Various countries' air force ensigns have been based upon the RAF's ensign. Currently it is flown from the flagstaff of every Royal Air Force station during daylight hours and has been permanently displayed on the Cenotaph in London since 1943.

The RAF Ensign is flown from the flagstaff of every Royal Air Force station during daylight hours. Ordinarily, it is hoisted and hauled down by the station's duty NCO and saluted by the station's orderly officer. The Ensign may also be hoisted or hauled down during a parade.

As the professional head of the RAF, the Chief of the Air Staff may fly the RAF Ensign. Air Attachés and the Heads of RAF Missions may also fly the RAF Ensign. It is also flown daily from the Ministry of Defence building in Whitehall, London.[2]

In the general British flag precedence, the Royal Air Force Ensign is just below the Royal Navy's White Ensign and just above the Blue and Red Ensigns. The only exception to this rule is when the RAF Ensign is being flown in place of the Union Flag when it takes that flag's precedence.[3]

Restrictions on use

The RAF Ensign may not be used as bunting or decoration, or draped over a coffin, except at civilian funerals. In the latter case, only the Union Flag may be used at a British military funeral.

Variations / defacement

With so many different divisions and regiments within the RAF and armed forces in general, we are often asked to make RAF ensigns defaced with specific insignia.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements and receive a no obligation quote.

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