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Bentley and Skinner

We were commissioned to urgently make replica flags for Bentley and Skinner's new premises on Bond Street in London ahead of their grand opening in June 2017.  

They had been let down by another flagmaker who'd advised that they were unable to produce the flags in less than three months (in our experience this timeline usually means the flag would be made abroad and not in the UK).  The previous flags, although well made were in our opinion rather over made (if thats possible).  The proprietor of Bentley and Skinner advised us that they had been created using actual gold leaf. 

Given the short window of time available to make these, we supplied the client with samples of gold lame and taffeta fabrics to choose from and he settled on the gold lame.  We then made the flags to the exact measurements given and appliqued the detail using padded out gold lame. 

The result was rather magnificent and supplied at a fraction of the original price.  The client was absolutely thrilled with the resulting flags - which arrived in time to be hung before the grand opening of the store and within a week of the date of order and payment. Below you have the 'before', the artwork and the 'after', followed by the actual making of the flags (the colours are a overexposed which makes them look paler than the real thing!)

Bentley and Skinner flags Bentley and skinner flags

Bentley and skinner flag Bentley and skinner flag  

Bentley and skinner flag Bentley and skinner flag

Bentley and skinner flag

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