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Custom cushions

Design a cushion cover

Time to update those tired cushions you have at home? How about some personalised, custom, bespoke covers made uniquely for you for your yacht, your office, your car, your kids....or as gifts .....Christmas, birthday, welcome gifts, housewarming gifts....covers for cushions at any event or even to sell on.  Any size, any design, either printed and sewn or fully sewn.

And.... cushion covers make a wonderful mail-able gift.

So what are the options?

We make everything in our West Wales workshop and with our sublimation print service, we can print and/or sew to suit your needs - the choice is yours.

*Cushion covers are one sided with a reverse in a plain matching fabric.

Print and sewn

You send us a picture and the size of cushion cover you want. We print the design to wonderful woven washable polyester and then sew it all together with a zip (other finishing options available).

Help in semaphore red dragon flagmakers

Fully stitched

You send us a picture or a design and the size of cushion cover you want.

We trace, pin, applique and trim the design using wonderful woven washable polyester and polycotton and then sew it all together with a zip (other finishing and fabric options available).

We cut make and trim using wonyour choice of fabrics and then sew it all together with a zip (other finishing and fabric options available).

Cushion format

The size of the cushion cover is up to you.  It could be a bolster shape, a square, heart, a rectangle - we'll quote you for any option you'd like to consider. The finish is up to you - you could have a zip, a pillow slip fold, buttons, ties, piping - its your call. Just let us know. 

And how much will that cost?

Flag cushion cover, printed or sewn:

If you want a flag cushion cover, choose your flag, your size and leave us a note at checkout that you want the flag made into a cushion cover - that goes for all fully printed, part sewn/part printed and fully sewn flags.  

We'll be in touch to confirm details before we go to production*. Couldn't be simpler.

Flags of the world cushion covers by Flag Studio

*Cushion covers are not piped as standard, but can be at a nominal extra cost. 

Custom design

If you have a design you'd like us to make up into a cushion cover, then send us the image.

If your design is to be printed, check out our print prices per size HERE. If you'd like your cushion fully sewn, we'll give you a quote once we've reviewed whats needed.

As with everything we offer, our quotes are given on strictly no obligation basis.

Let's make cushion covers!

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