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Effat University

Effat University

We were approached at relatively short notice in April 2016 by a branding agency in Bristol who required a large quantity of fully sewn taffeta ceremonial flags and matching table runners to be custom made for their client, Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

Effat University ceremonial flags made by Flag Studio

From scratch, we made the double sided, bagged, custom printed coloured taffeta ceremonial flags (we printed the fabric in house in our West Wales workshop) and appliqued each piece to fit the rosewood ceremonial poles with gold finials, carried by each of the eight colleges within the University..... and a complete set of double sided fully sewn table runners to match.

Quite an achievement for our micro business we all worked on extremely hard around the clock (sometimes finishing at 6am), seven days a week for three weeks to complete the job to the short deadline.

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