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Print and overstitch

Our half and half option

An alternative to fully stitched and appliqued flags

This technique involves printing two vectorised panels to cotton, then matching them back and front of a ground fabric and over stitching some of the internal and all of the external detail lines. 

This is a great halfway option between fully printed and fully stitched and depending on the detail involved may make a flag lighter to fly than a fully stitched version. 

We automatically revert to this method when making any flag where a fully stitched flag, in this case the generic Yorkshire Rose, would be cost prohibitive for the client.

print and overstitch technique on flags, panels and curtains, half and half, flag studio

We also print to single panels and stitch to a fabric ground for attachment to larger banners, apparel or curtains.

print and overstitch of yorkshire rose flag, half and half, flag studio
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