Rene Matic – Flag Studio

Rene Matic

We have worked with renowned British artist Rene Matic on several gallery installations. 

Rene Matić (b. 1997, Peterborough, UK) is a London-based artist and writer whose practice spans across photography, film, and sculpture, converging in a meeting place they describe as "rude(ness)" - an evidencing and honouring of the in-between. Matić draws inspiration from dance and music movements such as Northern soul, Ska, and 2-Tone as a tool to delve into the complex relationship between West Indian and white working-class culture in Britain, whilst privileging queer/ing intimacies, partnerships and pleasure as modes of survival.  
Rene Matic DANCE WITH ME flag by Flag Studio
Rene Matic LET ME LEAD flag by Flag Studio
Rene Matic Upon this rock flag by Flag Studio
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