As one door closes another door opens... – Flag Studio

As one door closes another door opens...

Red Dragon Flagmakers

Red Dragon Flagmakers, the award-winning registered social enterprise flagmaker closed the doors of its factory at the end of December 2022 due to bereavement. 

Introducing Flag Studio, located in Cardigan (west coast of Wales UK), a newly established sole trader business (2023) set up by an ex-Red Dragon employee, taking on the mantle to continue the old company's great work in the design, manufacture and delivery of world class quality custom stitched and printed flags. 

Same great digital and traditional design skills, same fantastic standard quality of product....just different faces and a better work life balance.

So if you've been searching for Red Dragon Flagmakers, well you've found the next best thing.  Welcome to Flag Studio! What can we make for you today?


Flag Studio

(* domain name used with kind permission).



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